Free and Paid Reporting Tools Review

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In the previous articles we have provided you with around 70 metrics. Some of them are doubled, because click-through rate is used in Pinterest, Facebook and marketing in general.

Anyway, that’s quite a lot of metrics. Most, if not all, platforms we have covered in our articles will have their own native reporting tools. It does make things a little bit easier.

But it’s far from perfect.

It’s really hard to get a full picture of your marketing efforts and how your business is doing in general if you have to jump from one platform to another.

As a matter of fact it’s almost impossible and makes the whole thing unnecessarily complicated. No wonder so many people are getting goosebumps by bringing up this topic.

When I worked for UBS one of the tools we were using was Business Objects.

I have to admit it was very difficult to get used to. Somehow different from tools I’ve used before and because of that rather unintuitive. Over time I’ve learned it was quite powerful.

And most importantly it allowed us to do the job of analyzing and reporting the results company has made. Split by products, salespeople or countries. Whatever and however you wanted.

This led to making good-quality decisions based on data.

The last thing you want to do is to make your decisions based on “feeling”. Of course you can trust your gut feeling. And you should from time to time, not everything is measurable.

But at the same time we shouldn’t depend solely on something you just think you know or feel. We have to know that. And all this data, metrics and statistics are here to help us to make good decisions.

That’s why we should also equip ourselves with right tools.

Such tools that will allow us to see everything we’d like to know in one place. By following the links below you will find free and paid tools that will provide you with exactly what you need.

I haven’t tested the paid ones, I’ll be honest with you. I have checked few free ones and they are pretty impressive. Some of them are not so user friendly, like Knime for example.

But you will find something just right for your needs and preferences. I personally liked QlikView Personal Edition and Tableau Public the most.

Below you can find free spreadsheet based tool I’ve just built. Just click the picture below and it will allow you to download your personal free calculator as Excel spreadsheet file.

All numbers already entered are purely for demonstration purposes 🙂 

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