Most Important Instagram Metrics Explained

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Reading Time: 4 mins

Other extremely important platform for every Social Media Marketing strategy is Instagram. It is a platform that is constantly growing and as of 2019 there are 1 billion accounts active every month.

Now, tell me that’s not impressive. The keyword in the above sentence is “active”. I know by myself that although I still use Facebook, I can go for days or weeks not checking out what’s going on.

Instagram on the other hand I visit every single day.

And I know people who don’t even have Facebook account, but they do have Instagram. Why it’s so popular? Probably because of the visual type of content.

You can just check out few pictures and bounce. It’s also not as packed with ads as Facebook. This, however, is a subject to change. There is a growing demand for ads on this platform.

Unfortunately, this also means changes in the algorithm that will impact your organic reach.

It’s already more difficult to get likes and follows than in the past. Still, it’s fairly easy to carve out your own space in the Instagram world. If you want to do it, the time is now my friend.

And to do it right you need to understand and measure only a handful of metrics.

Top 4 Metrics From Instagram Analytics You Need To Track

The first metric from your Instagram Analytics to check out would be your account’s reach. It represents the number of unique views of your content. Your pictures, videos or stories all together.

It is really helpful indicator to know if your account is growing and how many people you are actually able to reach with your content.

Thanks to that you are able to tell if your content is showing up in people’s feeds.

Furthermore you are able to judge and tweak your strategy. What content gets the most reach? What content gets likes and comments? What is creating the most buzz and awareness?

Likes and comments on the other hand will be a component of your engagement rate.

Another extremely important metric to track in every Instagram campaign. Paid or organic doesn’t really matter. It literally represents how many times people took action compared to number of followers.

Some might say it’s the most important factor. And I would agree to certain extend. It’s better to have 1000 followers that will generate 100 likes per post than 80 thousands and 500 likes.

High engagement will result in higher reach. So the more engagement you get, the more Instagram algorithm will push your content to discovery page.

Where ultimately you will reach more people and potentially gain new followers.

However, in my opinion it’s not the most important metric, it’s not the “king of Instagram”.

Unless your objective for your Instagram campaign is brand awareness on Instagram. Then I would totally agree. Engagement rate matters the most in such case.

But if you are doing it to generate additional traffic to your website then the only metric that really matters is how many times someone clicked a link to your landing page. Period.

I have promised you 4 metrics and so far we have covered only 3, so here comes the last one.

Instagram stories have taken the world by storm. Or actually Snapchat stories, that were copied to Instagram, but let’s leave it aside for the moment.

Growing popularity of such solution couldn’t get unnoticed. Especially Instagram is pushing them much harder than native posts. You are able to reach much more people with them.

And this should be enough of a reason to track how many people view your stories as well.

3 Additional Metrics For Instagram That Can Help You Grow

On top of the 4 absolutely crucial metrics to your Instagram success there are also 3 others that I believe are really important to know of.

  • Followers growth
  • Audience demographic
  • Best time to post

The first one is simply telling you at what pace your followers base is growing. And is it growing at all! Maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy and change few things here and there? What else can you do to reach new people? Just please, don’t play follow/unfollow game…

The second one is multi-dimensional. It helps you understand your audience better. Where are they from? How old they are? Are there more men or women? This information will allow you to build better content and strategy that will match your audience.

And last, but not least – the best time to post. It might seem irrelevant, but it’s rather important. With constantly growing amount of new users and new content you have to use every opportunity to maximize your chances.

Now, let’s go out there and forge your success!

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