Most Important Print Marketing Metrics Explained

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Although it might seem like print marketing is a relic of the past it’s not entirely true. Yes, the modern marketing is so much more advanced and gives you much more options.

It’s also packed with data and in case of Facebook Ads or Google Ads for example you can target very specific things. Like age, location or most importantly interests.

But it doesn’t mean traditional marketing does not bring results.

Not only it still does work, but as a matter of fact it can sometimes drive even better results than the online marketing. The reason is simple – competition is much smaller.

People are so fixed on digital marketing that they do forget that the ultimate goal is to reach your prospect and land a sale. Everything else is secondary and all platforms are just tools to reach your objective.

Not to mention the print ads are usually much much better written.

It’s not about the tool you are using, it’s merely about the interests – it is all about your copy. To be able to grab and hold the attention of your lead. And let’s be honest, the quality of ads in social media is below average.

Mainly because people do think it’s all about selecting the interests or reaching the right people. Well, it does help a little bit. But the quality of your message is so much more important.

Besides, we kind of got used to billboards, leaflets and ads in the newspaper.

It seems almost natural after so many years and is not perceived as interruption marketing anymore. Meanwhile online, social media in particular, it’s kind of tiring, don’t you think?

If you would like to learn how to write great copy I can recommend a fantastic book written in 1962 (!) – How to Write a Good Advertisement: A Short Course in Copywriting by Victor Schwab.

And in this article I would like to present you few ways how you can track your results.

Print Advertisement Metrics You Should Always Measure

Even at the very beginning of print advertisements they did have unique ways of measuring results and targeting their prospects. Without sophisticated tools like Twitter or Instagram.

All they had was extensive psychology knowledge, copywriting skills and tonne of experience. Costs of running campaigns were much higher, but because of that they had to be better prepared.

Now, with new technologies even old-school print marketing gets a new edge.

We have much better ways of tracking the results. And it gives you new ways to interact with your audience. Especially when combined with social media or your own website.

Those micro commitments are very important to build strong relationship. A “like” doesn’t mean a thing anymore. But if someone engaged with a hashtag from your leaflet you might have a potential prospect here.

And people will never stop reading. Print ads are not dead, they’ve evolved.

You should use every opportunity to engage with your audience and direct them to your offer. That’s why I have decided to put down few most important things and fill this knowledge gap.

Here are a few things you can do to measure and manage your print campaigns to be as effective as you can possibly be.

And honestly speaking it doesn’t fall behind more sophisticated platforms.

  • Use QR codes or dedicated social hashtags
  • Create dedicated landing page or subdomain
  • Measure the use of coupons or discount codes
  • Track views, sign ups and sales during campaign
  • Use classic mail-order forms to order, subscribe or request more information
  • Set up unique point of contact – it can be email or phone number
  • Simply ask your customers – people usually don’t make a fuss to tell you
Print Advertisement Metrics You Should Always Measure

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